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Spore coming to Mac, simultaneous release with PC this year


Spore will launch simultaneously on Mac and PC later this year, reports Cnet. An official announcement from EA is expected today out of MacWorld where EA will apparently preview the everything-sim on – you guessed it – Macs. As with EA's previous PC-to-Mac titles, TransGaming technology will handle the conversion process. Spore is expected to be one of several EA games targeted for simultaneous release this year.

"[We] think the Macintosh user is somebody who is, typically, a creative individual," said EA Maxis VP of marketing Patrick Buechner, "Part of the appeal of the Mac is that it allows you to do creative things very easily. And we think that lines up very closely with what you can do with Spore ... So it just feels like a natural place for Spore to be, and we're thinking about it up front rather than as an afterthought."

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