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DirecTV 11 satellite set to launch in March?

Darren Murph

If the successful launch of the Thuraya-3 mobile communications satellite -- combined with Earl Bonovich's expertise -- is any indication of the future, we'd say the DirecTV 11 has a decent shot of lifting off in March. Apparently, the aforementioned bird was the only one left to be launched before the D11 was given its turn, and sure enough, Sea Launch has just recently issued a release confirming that the Thuraya-3 has found its way into orbit. Of course, we won't see any new channels for awhile even after it goes galactic, but folks over at DBSTalk are already placing wagers as to the when D11 will head for the stars. Gear up, DirecTV users -- it seems that even more programming (or at least broader coverage) is coming soon(ish).

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