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Jays BlueStreamer 2 stereo adapter: now in colors

Darren Murph

It's been a good while since the BlueStreamer was hit up with a well deserved update, but those who've been waiting in tense anticipation can finally kick their shoes off and relax. Yep, Jays is indeed announcing the aptly-named BlueStreamer 2 Bluetooth stereo adapter, which not only features BT v2.0 and supports A2DP, AVRCP, HSP and HFP, but it's available in a trio of glossy motifs (black, white and pink to be precise). Weighing in at just 12-grams, this bugger allows users to "listen to music and receive calls simultaneously," and just in case that whole "stopping the jams 'til your convo is done" thing wasn't enough for you, it's also very compatible with Skype. Sure, there's nothing out of the ordinary here, but those captivated for whatever reason can grab one now for $62 (or €42.40 elsewhere). [Warning: PDF read link]

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