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Master Chief would have had supporting role in Halo movie

Justin McElroy

Though the many deaths of a Halo-based film were pretty hard for us to swallow, there have been several events since that have helped to cushion the blow. First were director Neil Blomkamp's live-action short films which were, frankly, not particularly Halo-esque. Now, courtesy of Level Up, we learn that Master Chief would have played a supporting role in the story, driving the film right past Relevantville and into Pointless Gorge.

So we don't put words in Bungie's Joseph Staten's mouth, we'll give it to you straight from him. "Over time," he said, "I think everybody around the table agreed that the Master Chief is best left as the most important supporting cast member." The thing is, when you read his full response, you realize he's kind of got a point. We're still not sure if that means we want a Halo movie with the Chief as the wacky neighbor, or if we want the film to just stay dead. What do you think?

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