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Rumor: Cryptic only wants talent from Perpetual, not a license

Mike Schramm

Put another checkmark in the evidence column for Star Trek Online not going to Cryptic Studios. reports that while Cryptic was in talks with Perpetual, they very likely were only trying to pick up new talent for their work on Marvel Universe Online, not looking to pick up a whole new license.

Of course, this doesn't confirm or deny anything-- Cryptic hasn't said they aren't doing it, and the truth is that there may not be someone chosen to do it yet. We're still in the rumors and speculation mode (and isn't it fun?). But the original report-- that the license is going to a developer in the Bay Area-- still stands.

Meanwhile, Star Trek fans have to keep holding their breath, and hoping that this game gets made by the right people to make it.

[Via CSG, who's right-- whoever's doing it, at least it's not Perpetual]

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