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Sony Ericsson superphone to be called "Xperia"?

Chris Ziegler

Trademork has dug a juicy morsel out of the Trademark Office's filing cabinets today, noting that Sony Ericsson filed to get its paws on the term "Xperia" on January 10. The filing reads like a what's-what of pretty much everything a cellphone could possibly be expected to do -- perform satellite navigation, function as a remote control for computers and run "multimedia presentations," to name a few -- which leads to the conclusion that Xperia will likely be used as the model name for some future superphone (the rumored P5i, perhaps?) or as a new series of devices in the same vein as the Walkman and Cyber-shot lines. Personally, we're hoping Xperia stands for "world-band 3G," and looking at the company's recent efforts, we're thinking that's not too much to ask.

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