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Get Video of Sega Bass Fishing


Even if you hate fishing games, Sega Bass Fishing will probably provide the special kind of simple joy that seems to come only from Sega arcade games. There is something about the goofiness of the whole thing, and the English that is only slightly awkward, that we always associate with having a good time in video games. Yes, it's another port, but it's pretty hard to be upset at Sega. How can you not love a game whose Japanese title is Get Bass? It's an imperative!

In any case, the Wii needs a good fishing game, and that's precisely what Sega Bass Fishing is. According to IGN's preview, the latest version includes not only improved graphics, but brand new locations in which to fish. If the Wiimote and Nunchuk can adequately replace the superb Dreamcast fishing controller, then there will be no reason not to Get Game.

[Via NeoGAF]

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