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Leisure Suit Larry heads to Hollywood this Fall

Dustin Burg

Today, Sierra Entertainment announced that a new Leisure Suit Larry game will be making its way to the Xbox 360 this Fall and it's packed full of scantily clad women comedic celebrities.

Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust is described to be a third person experience where you, Larry, get into mischief and all kinds of danger while on the set of your Uncle's movie lot in Hollywood. Eh, who cares, it's Leisure Suit Larry, you know what to expect and we're sure it'll be nothing more. Though, we must point out that Sierra mentions that the voice "talents" of numerous comedians will be used in Box Office Bust including Jay Mohr, Dave Attell, Shannon Elizabeth, Carmen Electra and others. So, that should bring some excitement to the game. Right? Heck with it, we'll put down five bucks on a bet that Box Office Bust will also be a video game bust as well. Any takers?

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