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Light gun for wannabe regulators (geeks off the street need not apply)

Eric Caoili

To be a regulator, you gotta be handy with the steel, if you know what I mean, earn your keep. Regulators! Mount up!

Hoping to win back the street cred it lost after selling a zapper shaped like a damn shark, Pega has improved upon the 2-in-1 Machine Gun and Pistol shell design, adding a metallic paint job and black grips for an extra touch of realism. The peripheral still looks like a cheap toy, but it should be adequate for whenever you need to lay some busters down.

DealExtreme, a haven for nearly every crummy Wii accessory you can think of, carries the Pega piece for $16.54. Hook a left on 21 and Lewis, and take a look at a couple more product shots. We also have some wacky packaging that you don't want to miss!

Now that's gangsta ...

But this wire setup is kind of janky.

Can you believe that this box has a soldier shooting at ducks with an automatic rifle? And how is his camouflage outfit supposed to hide him in this desert setting? Wait, what are ducks doing in a desert?

Also, note the "Exquisite Package" mark on the bottom left. It's as if Pega expected that we'd clown them for their nonsensical packaging design, so an official-looking seal was dropped in to ward off would-be critics. We weren't fooled!

[Via Slippery Brick]

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