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New loot added to Zul'Aman timed event

Dan O'Halloran

One of the cool features of the 10-man instance, Zul'Aman, is the timed event. It starts with ringing a gong (and the death of not!IndianaJones). After that, the raid has 45 minutes to down 4 of the 6 bosses. Every time a boss is killed a nearby captive will open a chest of phat loot. The first chest always has an armor reward, the second a weapon, the third a ring and the fourth has just one reward: the coveted Amani War Bear. But don't expect to be riding that Bear Mount through Shattrath unless your group is BT geared.

According to MMO-Champion, three items have been added to the first chest in Patch 2.3.2. which is great news for those Karazhan equipped raids.

First, is the sweet Cloak of Fiends. It's health dose of Agility, Stamina and Attack Power makes it a dps drool cloth. This was seen on the PTR, but has now finally made it to the Live servers.

Also previewed on the PTR is the Shadowcaster's Drape. Though it has equal parts +Healing and +Damage, it's solid Stamina and Intelligence make it a possible upgrade for dps casters not yet farming the 25-man zones (unless they picked up the Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran out of Karazhan). It's certainly a great cloak for Moonkin. Perfect to go with the next piece.

The Elunite Imbued Leggings have yet to show up on the database sites, but these Moonkin pants are exactly the kind of equipment Balance Druids were promised when Blizzard said they would start itemizing for the spec. There isn't many options comparable to these leggings if a Druid wants to stick to Leather over Cloth. Short of expensive PvP rewards and 25-man raid sets, these britches will make any Moonkin do the funky chicken dance of joy.

And if you are concerned with such things, MMO-Champion has screenshots of their graphical appearance.

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