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TCG goes on a Spectral Safari

Mike Schramm

Our friends at Upper Deck have announced an interesting series of tournaments with one of the best prizes they could give out: a Spectral Tiger card. There'll be more info on January 31st, they say, but apparently retail outlets all over the country are going to hold tournaments of their own, and the grand prize at each and every one is a Spectral Tiger mount card.

There'll also be booster packs given out (of course), and a lucky door prize winner at each event will pick up the Robotic Homing Chicken card. Pretty cool to see that UD is going to spread the love around a bit (although they haven't yet announced just how many tournaments are going down). If there are a lot of retail places participating in this, you could see a lot more ghostly tigers around the realms.

More info is coming to Upper Deck's site on January 31st. We'll keep an eye out and let you know when and where your chance to pick up the loot cards will be.

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