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The heroes of Wild Arms XF


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Are you excited for the upcoming SPRG, Wild Arms XF? Sony's handheld has become the platform of choice for strategists, and XSEED plans on delivering yet another experience on the PSP. Not only do we have an overwhelming amount of new screenshots, we have character bios for you, after the break.


Clarissa Arwin

"Time to blaze a new trail!"

A young girl traveling Filgaia, in chase of the thug who stole her late mother's sword. She has an overall positive personality and hates deception. Due to a strange twist of fate, she is gradually pulled deeper into the political turmoil in the Kingdom of Elesius.

Felius Arwin

"If there's no way ahead but to fight..."

A master of the deadly weapon Polearm. Meets Clarissa after a few unexpected turn of events and decides to protect her wherever she may go. A quiet young man who can be regarded as being curt at times, but he can be a great ally and a trusted friend in a time of need.

Labyrinthia Wordsworth

"I may not look it, but I'm the complete package!"

Formerly the official teacher of the royal family of Elesius. She has been branded a terrorist and is currently wanted by the government. She is a highly intelligent person, with a sharp mind and vast knowledge. Unfortunately, because of her rather unique comments at times, she is not considered as being as smart as she actually is.

Levin Brenton

"The dashing hero makes his move!"

A scion of one of the more powerful noble families of Elesius and one of Labyrinthia's students. As his magic skill isn't very strong, he has developed a unique fighting style which takes full advantage of his speed and agility. A firm believer in justice and loves being the hero.

Ragnar Blitz Lebrett

"I'm prepared for anything."

He may look like the average rough and ready mercenary, but his behavior and mannerisms are of one from a wealthy upbringing. He is always the gentleman and is rarely caught off-guard.

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