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TiVo launches "3 months free" promo

Steven Kim

If your holiday shrubbery was missing that TiVo HD you wanted, here's a chance to reclaim some happiness. From now until February 17, if you pick up a TiVo HD and sign up for 1 year of monthly service (at $12.95/month), TiVo will give you the first three months of service for free. The ad on the TiVo site might confuse you -- it reads "TiVo HD DVR + 1 year TiVo service @ $12.95/mo... Total $299.99;" you're in fact getting the TiVo HD and 3 months of free service on a $12.95/month contract for that $299.99. Still, it's not too shabby: over the first year, you'll actually come out slightly ahead of a comparable package combined with a multi-service discount! Speaking of which, sorry -- this deal cannot be combined with a multi-service discount.

[Via TVSnob]

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