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Fujitsu's LifeBook P1620 is lighter than (MacBook) Air


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Fujitsu's P1620 was just announced with a Stateside price starting at $1,599. This quicker update to the highly praised P1610 boasts a new ULV 1.2GHz U7600 Core 2 Duo processor with up to 2GB of memory and 100GB of disk -- a respectable bump from the old 1.2GHz Core Solo and 1GB memory and 80GB disk limit. The rest of the specs appear unchanged which is fine by us: 8.9-inch 1,280 x 768 display, a $299 32GB SSD option, and standard 3-cell battery (6-cell for a worthy $45) which delivers 3.5-hours under real-world stress. Ships standard with XP Tablet PC though Vista is a $0 option.

[Via UMPC Portal, thanks AFD]

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