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Klipsch announces IC-T series in-ceiling speakers

Darren Murph

Looking to add a few new drivers in order to create a true multi-zone audio setup? Not exactly keen on cramping the style of each guest room with a couple of towers? Fret not, as Klipsch is lookin' out for you (and business owners alike) with its new lineup of IC-T in-ceiling speakers. Up first is the IC-400-T, which features a five-inch cone and a one-inch tweeter mated to a two-inch Tractrix Horn design. As for the IC-650-T, you'll find an awful lot of technological similarities compared to the aforementioned IC-400-T, but it does sport a larger 6.5-inch woofer and 3.5-inch horn; the IC-525-T, as you might expect, simply steps down to a 5.75-inch woofer. Finally, we've got the IC-8T-SW2 subwoofer, which packs an 8-inch woofer and 8-inch drone with polypropylene cones and high temperature voice coils. Price wise, you'll be asked to cough up between $125 and $238 per pair for the full-rangers, while each subbie will set you back a cool $160. Click on to see more of the family.

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