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Associate producer with EA Mythic Josh Drescher talks Warhammer Online

William Dobson

The tantalizing drip-feed of information on Warhammer Online continues. One of EA Mythic's associate producers, Josh Drescher, recently gave his time for an interview and answered some good questions for the fans. There are a couple of things that he had to decline commenting on due to marketing plans, but for the most part, he provided very interesting answers to the questions posed.

Among other things he mentioned, he confirmed that there will be NPCs involved with RvR, to prevent situations where there is a completely unguarded territory up for capturing when there are no players about to help defend. He comments on WAR's answer to a "charge" type ability for melee classes (designed to assist these classes in closing the distance on a target) and says that instead of a charge akin to World of Warcraft's for example, which basically teleports you right up to the target with zero player control, theirs will be like a secondary sprint that makes you move a bit faster than your prey while you retain complete control over movement.

Another pertinent portion of the interview is Drescher's commentary on equipment and balancing. He is asked whether players will be required to raid end-game bosses over and over to obtain the best gear and keep up in RvR. His reply is two-fold; firstly, the very best gear will be obtained from city siege and capture (with other good gear being rewarded upon completing specific tasks and quests), and secondly, gear will not be the most important factor in RvR success. The link below will take you through to the full interview and the rest of Drescher's answers.

[Via MMOsite]

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