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iPhone 1.1.3 update leads to problems?

Cory Bohon
It would seem that the latest iPhone/iPod touch update is doing a bit more harm than good. There have been reports that the 1.1.3 firmware is far less stable than the previous 1.1.2. Some of the problems with 1.1.3 being reported:

  • Error message during/after install of iTunes 7.6 and firmware 1.1.3
  • Loss of sound output from the iPhone's built-in speakers
  • Bluetooth devices that worked with 1.1.2 no longer work
  • Mail problems
While these problems certainly don't sound good, there are some remedies that seem to work. For the loss of sound, you can try turning the phone off and then back on or plugging headphones in and out. iPhone Atlas has listed some of the reported iPhone problems and some of the remedies that you can try. As always, be sure to check TUAW often for the latest iPhone news.

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