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Poll: So, are you buying an Apple TV now?

Darren Murph

Although the MacBook Air sucked the proverbial wind out of the Apple TV relaunch sails, we here at Engadget HD still find that aspect of Steve's keynote quite intriguing. At first listen, we were blown away by the promise of "HD downloads with Dolby 5.1 audio," but after digging in a little further, we found quite a bit of red tape stuck to those lofty claims. Still, many HD aficionados didn't give the original Apple TV a passing glance due to its general disregard for high-definition content, and while the so-called Take 2 effort isn't an HD junkie's dream, it's far and away more appealing than what we were dealing with just last week. So, dear readers, now that Cupertino has taken the first step and recognized the desire for easy to obtain downloadable HD content, are you biting?


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