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Street Fighter IV to be playable at Japanese Amusement Expo Feb. 15

Valentine's Day is swiftly approaching, like a bullet train made out of chalky hearts and overpriced chocolate. How are you planning on spending yours? Gents, perhaps you're taking your special lady out for a candlelit dinner and a romantic comedy, perhaps starring Matthew McConaughey, or Jennifer Lopez, or both. Ladies, maybe you have a special evening at home planned for your man, involving a sizable steak and a selection of the most sensual massage oils.

Well, screw that noise. You should be traveling to Japan on St. Hallmark's Day, where the cool kids will be attending the AOU 2008 Amusement Expo in an attempt to get a look at (and possibly play a few rounds of) Street Fighter IV before the rest of the world. Doors will open for industry people on the 15th of February, and for the rest of the Hadouken-hungry crowd on the 16th. Sure, you might be spending your Valentine's Day alone in a Japanese hotel, but you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you were the first kid on your block to play one of the biggest titles of 2008.

After all, who needs love when you have Zangief?

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