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Artcoustic reveals Spitfire Venue loudspeaker, subwoofer

Darren Murph

Finally down to the short list for speakers? Before you pull the trigger, Artcoustic is hoping that you'll give its latest loudspeaker and subwoofer a glance. Up first is the two-way Spitfire Venue, which weighs in at just under 22-pounds, sports interchangeable screen options and should fit in just fine at a night club or guest room. You'll find a 10-inch woofer and a one-inch compression horn, which -- when paired up -- are capable of hitting notes anywhere between 40Hz and 18kHz. Taking care of the low-lows is the Spitfire Subwoofer (pictured), which actually relies on four 10-inch drivers and comes bundled with an 1,800-watt Artcoustic PA-1800 amplifier. Sadly, we've yet to be clued in on the price of the Venue, but considering the £1,485 ($2,922) sticker attached to the subbie, we'd surmise that these are most suited for the high-end sect, anyway.

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