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DS RPG Rondo of Swords coming stateside in April

We'd wager that most of the gaming world has no idea what a Rondo is (aside from those who study classical music, or those who have enjoyed the tasty beverage of the same name), and that even fewer people have heard of a strategy/RPG called Ituwari no Rondo, which was released for the DS in Japan last year. No matter, Atlus will be educating us uninitiated Western heathens when a localization of the game (retitled Rondo of Swords) hits American shores (and invades our dust-caked DSs) on April 15.

We're hoping that this seemingly immersive RPG will serve as a beacon of hope in the middle of a a less than impressive 2008 release schedule for the DS, which includes highlights like Aquarium, Fantasy Aquarium, Petz Bunniez, and of course, Garfield Fun Fest. Regardless, you can bet that we'll be holding our breath between the year's Arbuckle-free titles.

[Update: Yeah, we told you about this a couple days ago, but can you really blame us? The word Rondo is just so infectious, we just can't stop saying it! Rondo. Rondo. Rondo Calrissian.]

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