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iPhone does guitars, spying with ease


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Just when you think you've reached the apex of your iPhone's capability, there comes another accessory-maker, modder, or developer to prove you wrong. One new feature comes in the form of a piece of software for Jailbroken iPhones (or touches) called PocketGuitar. The premise of this software is simple -- it allows you to "play" the phone like an actual instrument, as well as strum along to your stored music -- thus fulfilling a number of twisted, rock-nerd fantasies. When you're done perfecting a version of "Frankenstein," you can use your phone to stalk your estranged lover... provided you're using Conice's 6 x 18 zoom attachment for the phone, a hideous plastic beast that snaps onto your normally trim device. Hey, no one ever said stalking was going to be easy.

[Via Mobilewhack]

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