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The JerkStopper keeps your power cord in place, does little else


You. Yes, you. Someone knows your darkest fears, your deepest regrets, your most painful memories... and they know they're all related to your power cord being yanked violently out of your laptop. Well thankfully, that someone has taken the law into their own hands, and is attempting to halt further infractions against your personage and / or computers. Enter the JerkStopper: a tough, tempered steel ABS device that cannot be cut or broken... wait, it also keeps your cord in place. Apparently, all you needed to do was fasten the thing into an innocent USB, RJ11, or RJ45 port, and clamp it down with metal teeth. Sure, you won't get that annoying spark anymore when your power cord wiggles, but you might dislodge a USB jack from its rightful home (though the makers say it will pop out with ease). Hey -- that's the chance you take when you play with the JerkStopper.

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