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Brickhouse Security's two-way micro headset may never leave your ear canal

Darren Murph

Unlike Brickhouse Security, we won't go so far as to call this thing "invisible," but when placed in the ear, all but the most eagle-eyed among us are likely to overlook it. The elaborately named Secret Service Invisible 2-Way Micro Headset comes with an easily hidden wireless transmitter that plugs into any mobile with a 2.5-millimeter audio output. Once rigged up, the wearer can have someone listen in on conversation in a room while also receiving input from said listener. Unfortunately, this likely Jack Bauer-approved gizmo demands a practically ludicrous $649.95, so it looks like we'll be sticking to brute force and walkie talkies here. Check out a demo video after the jump -- but be sure and kill the speakers first, alright?

[Thanks, Tony M.]

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