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iriver hits a(nother) low note with Siren DP150

Darren Murph

After witnessing iriver's gorgeous lineup in person at CES, we can't help but shed a tear each time one of these Siren DAPs taints the image a touch more. Nevertheless, the totally bland DP150 (the DP100's successor, by the way) weighs in at 24-grams, is available in pink, blue and gold motifs and will arrive in 1GB and 2GB forms. Users will also find a built-in equalizer, MP3 / WMA support and a 128 x 32 OLED display to boot. Sure, this critter will last for around 17 hours sans a recharge, and it is priced at just ¥6,980 ($65) / ¥8,980 ($84), but we still think know iriver could've done better than this. Yeah, so we've got high expectations -- like that's a bad thing?

[Via Tech Digest]

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