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Netflix shipping HD titles cross-country to clear backlog?

Darren Murph

Personally, we've never received a title from Netflix that wasn't shipped from a nearby facility, but it seems as if the firm may be resorting to cross-country tactics in order to clear the apparent backlog of HD titles. According to Andy, during his year-long relationship with Netflix, he has yet to receive a disc of any flavor from a hub other than the one closest to his Connecticut domicile, but just today, he received specific word from the outfit that it would be shipping License to Wed on HD DVD from Reno, Nevada. Of course, this could just be a total coincidence, but if it truly is an effort to get more high-definition movies out to more customers regardless of location, we all should see those "Very Long Wait" statuses clear up in the not-too-distant future. Hit us up in comments if you too are expecting an HD DVD / Blu-ray Disc from a faraway hub.

[Thanks, andyg8180]

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