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Rumor: Frontlines canceled on PS3 (also, PC multiplayer beta is open)

[Update: THQ got in touch with Firing Squad and confirmed that the PS3 release is not canceled, but is simply delayed. The Xbox 360 and PC versions are still targeted for February while the PS3 release is scheduled for "later in 2008." Original post below.]

Far be it from us to insinuate that the presence or absence of a game in a retailer's inventory database is proof of anything (short of the internet's collective ability to misinterpret anything) but rumors have arisen surrounding the absence of the already delayed Frontlines: Fuel of War for PS3 from some retailer's listings. Kaos Studios' forums are ground zero, where one staffer didn't help things by refusing to address the status of the PS3 version while assuring readers that "the Xbox 360 version is great!"

Since the rumor broke over the weekend, forum administrator Mitch pleaded with folks to give them some time to address it officially. We're unsure if the developer is also off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day today, which would explain the continued absence of an official response. We've contacted publisher THQ for a comment.

In other news, reader KingOfGods let us know the PC multiplayer beta is now open to all at FilePlanet so it's not all (potentially) bad news, right?

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[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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