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1.2 million PS3s sold in Europe over Christmas

Jem Alexander

Get your calculators ready, it's time for some big numbers again. Well, one big number in particular - and it's one that is cropping up for the second time, recently. 1.2 million PS3s were sold during the last five weeks of 2007 in Europe, keeping in line with US sales for the same period. This is a record number of PS3 sales in the region, brought on by a combination of a price drop and the holiday season. Kaz seems confident that Sony will make its target of 11 million units shipped worldwide by the end of March, depending on "how aggressively dealers buy PS3 inventory."

It's heartening to see sales getting ever higher and it certainly bodes well for the PS3 as we go deeper into 2008. With more great software releases on the horizon (as well as the possibility of a new, white, 40GB model) this could turn out to be quite a year for the PS3.

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