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20 minutes with Woz


Dutch site One More Thing brings us a serving of Steve "Woz" Wozniak from Macworld. You may or may not be nonplussed by the exclusive interview with Apple's co-founder, but they use the word "computergeschiedenis" in the post, which you have to admit is a pretty fun way to say "computer history". At least that's how KavaServices translated it for me. And Woz, no matter how you look at it, has a place in computer history.

Not surprisingly, Woz has a lot of love to share in regards to the Macworld proceedings, the Apple TV Take 2, and other Apple affairs. He is willing to state that the first Apple TV was a "very rare case where a product really wasn't quite done right," but mostly, I'm sure, because it's already been generally acknowledged. The interview is in English, which is good for me as my ability to follow along in Dutch would be somewhere between rusty and non-existent. It's also 20 minutes long, so if you've been wishing for a little time with Mr. Wozniak, for whatever reason, get your fill.

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