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Age of Conan's Gaute Godager explains delay, feels confident

Kyle Horner

When the Age of Conan beta community expressed concern with the combat controls and overall balance last year FunCom listened. That -- as we all remember -- was the first delay of the game from last August into this year. From what we've been seeing from the game at CES 2008 it was a wise decision. So when the announcement was made that the release date for AoC was pushed back eight weeks, we assumed there was another good reason.

There was a strong suspicion that the reasons for delay were bug and polish related -- turns out that suspicion was right after all. Thankfully most people in the community seem understanding, which is good to hear. It's also good to hear that FunCom has learned their lesson from Anarchy Online's buggy launch. The first impression for an MMO is everything and we believe Gaute when he says he believes they made the right decision.

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