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Details emerge on T-Mobile's Hotspot @Home "Talk Forever" setup

Chris Ziegler

We've learned that T-Mobile is prepping to roll out trials of the next episode in its HotSpot @Home service, entitled "Talk Forever." What's the diff? Unlike plain vanilla HotSpot @Home, Talk Forever will require custom WiFi routers manufactured specifically for the service; that kinda sucks, we suppose, but in return, the new routers can feed traditional landline phones of your choice by supporting up to two SIM cards internally. Trials will be rolling out in Seattle (T-Mob's home town) and Dallas in February, and it seems that the carrier will be offering the service in both landline / mobile combo and landline-only configurations. Now, here's where it gets a little weird: we just Googled "HotSpot @Home Talk Forever" and stumbled upon, a site that appears to be some sort of Talk Forever training site for T-Mobile folk. But guess what? The exact same site was used for training AT&T folk on the Tilt a few months back! What gives? Anyway, follow the break for a quick breakdown on the goods.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

Use this page to describe and/or answer questions about the HotSpot@Home Talk Forever Home Phone service.
IMPORTANT: As of 02/14/08, the HotSpot @Home Talk Forever Home Phone service is in the test market phase ONLY and is available in Seattle and Dallas.

* The HotSpot @Home Talk Forever Home Phone service provides digital calling (also known as Voice over IP or VoIP) to T-Mobile customers. The Talk Forever Home Phone plan provides customers unlimited nationwide calling for one low price.
* The HotSpot @Home Talk Forever Wireless Routers are exclusive to T-Mobile; no other Wi-Fi routers provide customers with Talk Forever Home Phone service.
* Customers may use their existing home phone unit with the HotSpot @Home Wireless Router with Home Phone Connection.
* For maximum voice quality, it is recommended that customers use a wired phone or a cordless home phone that does not operate at 2.4 GHz.
* Cordless phones that operate at 2.4 GHz may experience interference with Wi-Fi routers.
* The Wireless Router is capable of handling up to two SIM cards and two separate home phone lines.
* Customers MUST provide a valid 911 address due to FCC regulations, see HotSpot @Home Talk Forever Home Phone 911 Addresses for more information.
* During the test market period, customers may purchase the service at:
o T-Mobile retail stores
o Retail Partner sales
o Best Buy
o 1-800-T-MOBILE (Telesales).
o CIHU: Care reps can only upgrade customers via CIHU if those customers wish to convert one of their existing GSM lines to a Talk Forever Home Phone line.
* Customers who have purchased equipment at one of these channels may activate their SIM by contacting Activations.

Save money
* Cheaper than most landline bills from other carriers
* Stop using wireless minutes at home
* Less expensive than other VoIP carriers, such as Vonage
* Other carrier services average $48 monthly
* 27% of wireless minutes are used in the home
* Vonage plans start at $14.99 but only provide 500 minutes, Vonage Unlimited residential service is $24.99, and business plans through Vonage are even more expensive
Great connectivity
* Connect worry-free from home
* Turn your home into a HotSpot
Stay connected to those who matter most
* Have up to 2 separate home phone lines
Packed with features

Available Features Included
* T-Mobile voicemail
* Voice mail indicator
* Call forwarding (unlimited)
* Conference calling
* Star codes (such as 411)
* Caller ID
* Caller Tunes
* Discounted Dialing to Mexico
* Discounted Dialing to Canada Unavailable Features:
The below are not available for Talk Forever Home Phone, since these are mostly dependent on mobile handset functionality
* Self-Help Codes (such as #MIN#, #BAL, #MSG#)
* Data services & SOCs (Web browsing, Blackberry SOCs, etc.)
* Downloads
* Ringtones
* Java
* Fax
* One convenient bill for both mobile and home phone service
* Keep your existing home phone number (it can be ported to T-Mobile)
* Can use your existing home phone unit
* "Big-phone" Feel
* No need for a separate answering machine
Choice It's your choice:
* Mobile service
* Home phone service
* Both

NOTE: Customers who have DSL and home phone through another carrier, such as Verizon, can port their home phone number to T-Mobile while keeping their Internet service with the current Internet service provider (ISP)
Easy to set up yourself
* No installation fee
* No need to have a technician come to your home
* No need to modify home wiring
T-Mobile support
* Supported by T-Mobile's award-winning, world-class customer service

* Monthly charge: TBD
NOTE: Customers who wish to have Talk Forever for their mobile must also add the optional, separate Talk Forever Mobile SOC to one of their wireless lines.
* Standard fees apply:
o Activation fees
o Add-a-line fees

Exception: We treat customers on a pooled plan who convert one of their existing GSM lines to Talk Forever Home Phone service as an upgrade with no activation or additional add-a-line fees.
No stand-alone lines
* Available only to customers who have at least one GSM line with T-Mobile
* Customers cannot choose to have a stand-alone Talk Forever Home Phone line
* Customers new to T-Mobile must activate at least one GSM line in order to be able to add the Talk Forever Home Phone service.
Minimum monthly access charge (GSM)
* $49.99 (non-pooling, may be regional)
* $69.99 (FamilyTime pooling plans, must be nationwide)

NOTE: Access charge minimum is not cumulative, and does not include other add-on features or services.
Example: A customer with two single GSM lines of $29.99 each does not qualify to add Talk Forever Home Phone service.

Internet Service
* Broadband connection via cable or DSL required
* Minimum bandwidth 70 kbps
* Dial-up and satellite connections are not compatible
Plans Eligible
* Postpaid plans ONLY
* SmartAccess, Take Control, T-Mobile To Go, kidConnect, and FlexPay plans are NOT eligible
* A HotSpot @Home Wireless Router with Home Phone Connection is required. This router is only available from T-Mobile.
* Current wireless routers without a home phone connection, even if sold by T-Mobile, are NOT compatible.
911 Address

We REQUIRE a validated 911 address. Customers cannot have the Talk Forever Home Phone service without a validated 911 address.


Compatible with myFaves rate plans, however, the myFaves user interface is only compatible with myFaves wireless handsets.
Even though it is suitable for many customers, this product is not a total landline replacement for everyone.

* A valid 911 emergency address is needed for service.
* Broadband Internet service is required (DSL or cable). Dial-up and satellite are not compatible.
* An alternate connection will be required for devices that use modem dial-up.
* If power is disrupted from router or high-speed modem, the home phone will not function.
* If the Internet connection is not available (due to ISP reasons), the home phone will not function.
* The HotSpot @Home Talk Forever Home Phone does not support collect calling (inbound or outbound).
* Some cordless phones that operate at 2.4 gigahertz may have less than optimum quality.
* An alternate connection may be required for home alarm systems. (customers must check with their alarm provider)
* The Talk Forever Home Phone cannot serve as a fax line. An alternate connection would be required for fax machines.

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