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Gears of War action figures now fully revealed

Dustin Burg

Action figure manufacturer NECA has been teasing us with artistic Gears of War product shots lately (they just released a preview of the Locust figure yesterday), but they're teasing has gone on long enough. Long enough, because we've come across teaser free full body shots of the new figures ... take that NECA!

The folks over at BigBadToyStore posted complete product shots of the new GoW figures including Mr. Fenix, Cole and a Locust, all of which are seven inches tall and retail for around $17 US. We also thought we should mention that BigBadToyStore has a listing for an unannounced Gears "Series 1 Sniper Variant" figure (no picture of course) and our edjamacated guess would be that it's another Locust variant. But, in the meantime, you can salivate over the complete GoW action figure product shot that we've lovingly placed in the gallery below. Yum!


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