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InFocus launches new IN2100 DLP projector series

Darren Murph

It's been a tick since we've seen any "Big" news come out of InFocus, but now that the CES rush is over, it's taking the time to push out a pair of new DLP projectors. Up first is the Learn Big IN2100 EP series, which was crafted with educators and rambunctious youngsters in mind. It features BrilliantColor processing technology, 2,500 lumens, a lamp life of 2,500 hours and a three-year product warranty. As for the Work Big IN2100 lineup, you'll find most of the same features already mentioned, but this one does tout an all new remote control system and an "advanced InFocus User Interface" that other units apparently lack. The entire family will be available next month in SVGA ($599), XGA ($749) or WXGA ($999) flavors, but we don't reckon you'll be missing out on much should you forget to mark it down.

[Via AboutProjectors]

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