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MacDailyNews does the math, misses the point

Steven Kim

MacDailyNews ran down some numbers in the format war and scored a knockout punch for Apple (shocking, right?). Here's how it plays out: Blu-ray has led HDM sales over HD DVD and racked up 6 million discs to date, but the iTunes movie store has moved 7 million units in even less time, beating out both HDM formats. Fanboyism (and bad puns) aside, that's comparing apples and oranges -- let's not go mixing the HD with the non-HD. We're no Apple haters (far from it), and we even think downloadable HD content is the future; but it's a future that hasn't arrived just yet. Let's wait and see what sort of HD download numbers Apple nets -- we've got a suspicion the Apple TV-only restrictions will yield significantly lower numbers than seen up until now. Additionally, is it meaningful to compare iTunes' HD rental-only figures with HDM sales?

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