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Navigon's 8110 PND coming in March?


For all you PND fans (and we know you're out there) hanging around waiting for a hot new piece of navigational gear, you might want to turn your attention to Navigon's 8000 series. Specifically, focus your laser beams on the 8110, a high-end portable GPS unit that boasts a slew of nasty features like a gigantic (by nav standards) 4.8-inch WQVGA screen, a 533MHz CPU (with a graphics accelerator), 128MB RAM, 512MB ROM, Bluetooth, an RDS/TMC receiver (for traffic information), and an FM transmitter. The unit will sport the company's new MobileNavigator 7 software, which features a more realistic, enhanced 3D road view, as well as new "lane assist" functions. The 8110 is rumored to be available around March in Europe (in time for CeBIT), and will be hitting shelves with a €499 price tag.

[Via Navigadget]

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