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Orlando museum attracts record numbers with gaming convention

Kyle Orland

Going to the science museum? Boring. Going to the science museum to play video games? Excellent! At least that's what we took away from an Orlando Sentinel article on The Orlando Science Center's third annual Otronicon gaming event.

The conference, which just closed to the public, brought in a record 3,000 game players on Saturday as part of an expected 18,000 attendees total. The throng did more than just play over 100 displayed games, though -- they attended exhibits focused on the therapeutic benefits of gaming, workshops on game development and even performances by the Orlando Magic dancers (the last of which we can only assume was somehow game-related).

Though the event is now closed to the public, some lucky youngsters will get to attend school field trips to the event over the next few days, which makes us extremely jealous. The best field trip we took in grade school was to the box factory. Or was that The Simpsons? We can't remember, honestly.

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