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Patch 2.3.3 live

Eliah Hecht

Although the realms aren't up for a bit yet, the latest tiny patch, 2.3.3., is apparently going live today, and so you can go ahead and download it right now. Here's the entire list of changes:
  • General
    • Some players may notice improved data load times when newly entering the world and after zoning into new areas.
    • Character/NPC load times have been decreased, and now should appear faster. You're not hearing voices, there really are people in Shattrath!
  • Bug Fixes
    • Felspine the Greater in Shadowmoon Valley will no longer evade when engaged.
    • Guttripper in Nagrand will no longer evade when engaged.
    • Players will now be correctly credited with their arena points if they purchase an arena item during weekly arena calculations.
    • Using a castsequence macro on a target moving out of range will no longer cause it to stop working.
Here's hoping this means they'll be getting 2.4 up on the PTR quickly.

[Thanks, V3T]

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