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Silent Hill Origins PS2 port confirmed

Jem Alexander

It's not just Ratchet & Clank's handheld outing that is getting the PS2 port treatment, Konami have confirmed that Silent Hill Origins will also be available on the PSP's bigger, more successful, brother later this year. There's no mention yet of any added extras for the PS2 version, though the controls will be "updated". We should hope so too!

The PS2 version is still currently in development, with nary a release date in sight. Those of you who actually bothered to buy the PSP game can commence your bragging now. Imagine how your PS2 owning Silent Hill fanatic friends will feel when they excitedly rush out to buy the game, only to be told that you've completed it. Haven't played it? You're probably part of the reason it's coming to PS2 in the first place, then.

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