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Sony hops on the Apple bandwagon with comparative love-fest

Ryan Block, @ryan

Sometimes Sony just confuses the hell out of us. It's rare to ever see the electronics behemoth share a humble moment (did you see their self-aggrandizing CES press conference this year?), which is partly why it's so strange that Sony's SVP for Corporate Communications, Rick Clancy, took a long, wistful, and wholly uncharacteristic look at the many similarities between Apple and itself -- only managing to reach some missed-message middle-ground in between reminiscences of heritages of innovation and some clueless-seeming sense of supposed mutual admiration. It actually kind of just reminded us of that cliché about the totally popular friend you thought you had in high school -- who wouldn't say hello to you in public.

Sony, listen, the myriad operational, organizational, and innovational problems that caused you to take a back seat to Samsung as world's largest consumer electronics manufacturer doesn't mean you don't still have got a lot going for you. But riding Apple's coattails and comparing your products to theirs just makes you seem kind of desperate and out of touch. Bravia Internet Video Link is nothing like Apple TV, and maybe you didn't notice, but Jobs was actually kinda not-so-subtly jabbing the Vaio TZ when launching the MacBook Air, not lauding its design prowess. It's been a long, hard couple of years since Kunitake Ando got up on stage at Macworld -- but we still think you're better than this.

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