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Things you wish you'd known about PotBS

Mike Schramm

Potshot has an awesome roundup (from a post over on the official forums) just in time for today's Pirates of the Burning Sea release about "things you wish you'd known" (and that the in-game help didn't exactly tell you). From practical tips (you can CTRL-left click to set things on your action bar to autofire when they're available) to the should-have-been-obvious (ship position and wind direction when entering ship combat on open sea are the same in and out of battle), there's a lot of terrific insight here. And some of the tips even reveal stuff that make Pirates a much more attractive game-- did you know that you can train a skill to see what other nations say in chat, or that you could fire half-loaded guns?

If you're entering PotBS to host the mizzenmast and keelhaul some landlubbers today (or even if you've been playing in the preorder), it's definitely a must read. Every game has its hidden depth and player lore, and it's great to see players start digging into a game like Pirates as early as release day.

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