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Thursday's Devil May Cry 4 demo is globespanning

Jem Alexander

We've already reported today that a Devil May Cry 4 demo is coming to the Japanese PSN Store on Thursday, but its quest for world domination doesn't end there. The demo will be sweeping across the Pacific to the American PSN Store on the same day, where its path of destruction (and potential joy) will end. We're not sure whether it will then continue its journey across the Atlantic to Europe, or whether it will sit around for a week or two before doing so. Either way, you can probably get your grubby paws on it wherever you happen to reside.

As we said before, this demo is similar to the hands on that was available to press and attendees to the Tokyo Game Show last year. The difference is that this is a slice of devilish joy cut straight from the gold version of the game, rather than the rough cut shown at TGS. It's marvellous fun and Devil May Cry 4 is probably the first must-have game of 2008. We'll have a review of the full game for you before too long.

[Via Joystiq]

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