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VC Tuesday: It's a Small World


Despite both of this week's North American VC releases being quality games in their own right, we found the selection disappointing. We only got two games, one of which is only a minor upgrade over an existing release. Why did Nintendo skimp on the releases? And why have they been skimping for the last three or four weeks?

The situation is actually not that much better in Japan. This week only one new game is available: Devil World, the weirdo Famicom maze game designed by Miyamoto. With the game's dancing Devil making an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it's not terribly surprising that the original Famicom game is showing up on the VC.

Is it going to join imports like Super Mario Bros. 2 and Sin and Punishment on Western consoles? It's got a lot of religious imagery -- more than Devil's Crush, which was censored -- so we're going to say no and hope we're proven wrong.

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