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Where's the WebClip icon?

Nik Fletcher

We've gotten a plethora of tips asking that we make a WebClip icon for iPhone & iPod touch home pages for TUAW. And we hear you. In fact, one sleep-deprived Macworld-covering TUAW blogger created a webclip icon (pre-empting all the tips -- which we're eternally grateful for nonetheless). As our server gurus get the icon fixed in place, we thought we'd share with you some handy links both for making icons for your own site, and perhaps to find one for TUAW in the meantime.

Waiting for a website to gain a WebClip icon? There's a load of sites available to either help you find an icon that's already been made -- such as WebClipMe! or the WebClip directory. clipalizer goes one better, allowing you to upload your own (correctly sized) PNG image and then use that as a webclip icon.

So how do I create my own WebClip icon?
A WebClip icon is basically a 57-pixel-square PNG image called apple-touch-icon.png placed at the root of your server's web-content directory (though the Apple Developer Connection site lists a way that code-savvy users can specify a custom location for it, should they so choose). Whilst the icons appear rounded on the iPhone, you don't need to worry about creating curved corners, or even apply a button-esque mask in Photoshop: iPhone takes care of all of that -- "Safari will automatically composite the icon with the standard "glassy" overlay so it looks like a built-in iPhone or iPod application."

Thanks to all those who sent us pleading emails!

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