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Ask Engadget HD: What's the best universal remote out there?

Darren Murph

Ah, the wonderful world of remotes. Just in case shopping for a new HDTV wasn't overwhelming enough, actually digging through heaps upon heaps of lackluster, poorly designed remotes is enough to drive anyone to falling back to the tried-and-true "five remotes at a time" method. This week's question is one that many are simply afraid to ask for fear of having to sit through a lecture of an answer -- thankfully, Joel can skim through your responses as time allows.

I'm looking for a universal remote that's highly flexible, extremely versatile and well-designed. I hesitate to start calling out my list of components because I tend to change things up on a somewhat frequent basis. Basically, I'm trying to narrow my choices of units that can control my HD DVD / Blu-ray combo player, AV receiver, television, HD DVR and HTPC, if that's even possible. Oh, and I'd prefer not having to purchase the most expensive one on the market, as cost is a concern.

So, there you have it. Roll this one around in your gord for a tick and dish out any personal experiences you've had (successes or failures) with particular remotes.

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