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Aurora apes Moto's ways, intros LAZR IMAGR micro LCD

Darren Murph

We've no idea who whispered in Aurora Systems' ear that naming your products sans a few letters and with caps lock on was a good idea, but nevertheless, it listened, and it listened good. First up, the firm is cranking out the LAZR IMAGR, which is hailed as a "single panel color field sequential device" (psst, a micro LCD) designed to get VGA resolution into mobile projectors and the like. In case that wasn't enough, you'll be thrilled to know that it's also trumpeting its new LAZR DRIVR, which, contrary to popular belief, actually isn't Tiger's latest club of choice. Rather, it's a chipset designed to "drive both VGA and SVGA resolution panels" while also enabling memory to be "embedded in the driver chip to limit total chipset power consumption." Sounds pretty spiffy, huh? Or are you still stuck on the names?

[Via AboutProjectors]

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