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Bird Electron's EZ17-B speaker puts your old iPod nano / Shuffle case to work

Darren Murph

Don't pretend that you've "thrown away" or "misplaced" your old iPod nano / Shuffle case -- we know you Apple folk respect Cupertino's packaging just as much as what's inside (we kid, we kid). If you just so happen to have the case that your first- or second-generation nano / second- or third-generation Shuffle came in, Bird Electron's EZ17-B speaker will give it a new reason for hanging around. Apparently, the speaker simply slips into the old case and gets its power from whatever DAP you attach to it. 'Course, this leads us to believe that you won't be rockin' any after-prom parties with just one of these bad boys, but it should do the trick in the backseat of a car. Still, we've got better things to do with $39.99 than spend it on this, but to each his / her own, right?

[Via AudioJunkies]

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