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Epic: No more Gears of War DLC. Us: Duh?

Dustin Burg

Talking with IGN, Epic Games and Microsoft Game Studios confirmed the news and made it official: there will be no more Gears of War downloadable content. (Insert fake surprised face here.) A representative told IGN that "we don't have anything planned for [Gears of War] right now in terms of DLC", but also mentioned that the door is always open for new DLC to be made. Just none is planned now. And we'll be the first in line to kick that door of possibility shut.

As much as we love our Gears, we feel that after six additional maps, a new gametype and additional 250 gamerscore, it's time for Epic to move on. Move onto something a little more important, say a sequel? We'll happily take no more Gears DLC for Epic to release Gears of War 2 as soon as possible. Hell, we'll even give up the Annex content if it would have moved Gears 2's development along. Just give us our sequel this year.

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