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Motorola still in the red, no light at the end of the tunnel yet

Chris Ziegler

Motorola's fourth quarter and 2007 earnings turned out to be pretty bleak indeed -- as expected, perhaps -- and according to the company, it expects a further slide through the first quarter in both sales and market share. The company pulled in about $9.65 billion through the final quarter of the year, which sounds like a nice number and all until you realize that it's an 18.2 percent decline from its sales in the fourth quarter of 2006. For the full year, the company garnered $36.6 billion, down 15 percent from 2006 on the whole. In terms of handsets, Moto pushed 40.9 million of them in the quarter -- with 53 percent sold in North America -- which it estimates is good enough for 12.4 percent market share worldwide. New CEO Greg Brown said that he believes the company is aligning its strategy the way it needs to be, but that its handset business is going to take even longer to recover than expected. How far down the charts do these guys stand to slide before they're back in the black?

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