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Nokia files virtual keyboard patent


Nokia, you've done it again. As usual, the Finnish mobile phone kingpin has produced the kind of innovation and "wow" that we've come to expect with its latest patent request: a virtual keyboard. That's right, until now we've had to suffer the indignation of using a physical keyboard, vainly hoping that one day a company would come along with a concept that would upend the establishment and put a stop to the tyranny of single use, out-dated plastic keys... and now that day has come. Still, something seems vaguely familiar about this patent which details the workings of a "Mobile device with virtual keyboard." Okay, this system differs from others in that it expects you to wiggle your fingers around in front of the phone's camera, and responds to sound as well as vibrations, yet somehow we feel like the company's efforts could be better directed. A nice new QWERTY model wouldn't bother us, for instance.

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