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Super Robot Wars Famitsu scans show KOS-MOS inclusion


While much of what is available at JeuxFrance is already available in our gallery below, they do have something new to bring to the table regarding Infinite Frontier Super Robot Wars OG Saga (original ... gangsta?). You see, one of the main characters from the popular RPG franchise Xenosaga has made her way into Monolith Soft's game. It's none other than KOS-MOS.

As a person who only played some of the first Xenosaga, this blogger doesn't know what kind of signature attacks or abilities to expect in the new game from KOS-MOS, but understands full well the power of cross-promotion. Whatever helps them push units, right? Well, we know some of you out there enjoyed the incredibly long Xenosaga games, so if that's you, tell us what you think and head past the break for the Famitsu scans.


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